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Wind Point Lighthouse

  • 4725 Lighthouse Drive
  • Wind Point, WI 53402
  • (262) 639-3777

The Wind Point Lighthouse is the oldest and tallest working lighthouse on Lake Michigan. The 108-foot structure was built in 1880 to warn ships away from the shallow waters off Wind Point. The beacon, magnified by a Fresnel lens imported from France, was originally a mineral oil lamp. A lighthouse keeper and two assistants were needed to maintain and operate the light 24 hours a day. The light can be seen 19 miles away. The light was later converted to electricity and the lighthouse became fully automated in 1964. Today, the hall serves as the meeting location for the Wind Point Village Board. The hall and south lawn of the grounds are available to rent for weddings and special events. A rigorous climb up the 144 steps delivers spectacular views of Lake Michigan and the surrounding countryside. The lighthouse tower is open for public tours on certain dates during the year. Reservations are recommended, but not required.

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