Two Point Oh

  • Location
  • Sixth Street Theatre
  • 318 6th St.
  • Racine, WI

Elliot Leeds is dead -- or is he? A pioneering software mogul, Leeds makes headlines one last time when his private jet plunges into the Pacific. Months later, his grief-paralyzed widow Melanie discovers Elliot's greatest creation: a virtual-reality simulation of himself that he masterminded before his demise. Programmed with advanced artificial intelligence, thousands of hours of his recorded thoughts and speech, and a digital re-creation of his face and body, "Elliot 2.0" is a talking, thinking, virtual soul. And though merely an image on the video screens of their wired, high-tech mansion, it -- he -- can answer questions, hold conversations, share memories, and perhaps even grow in intelligence and capacity. The question he alive?

  • Location: 318 6th St., Sixth Street Theatre, WI
  • Time: 8:00 PM
Two Point Oh