Spring Gardening Classes for Beginners

  • 75 Seventh St.
  • Racine, WI

Racine Public library will be hosting free gardening classes from the beginners gardening series by Horticulture Extension Educator Vijai Pandian. Learn new skills or get some refreshers! Registration required. Bilingual option (Spanish) available - opción bilingüe disponible, por favor registrese. Class descriptions: 1) Seed Starting 101: March 25th, Saturday Growing vegetable crops from seeds is fun and rewarding as you can choose awesome varieties for your garden and can be relatively inexpensive compare to transplants. This session will provide info in choosing best varieties from seed catalogs, when to plant the seeds and what it requires to grow the seeds successfully inside your home. 2) Building Healthy Soil For Gardening: April 15th, Saturday Healthy soil is the key for successful vegetable gardening. Improving the physical and chemical characteristics of your backyard soil promotes better crop growth and yield. Learn about the basics of garden soil, where to send your garden soil sample for testing, and how to amend your soil based on the soil test report. 3) Intro to Vegetable Gardening: April 29th, Saturday Are you new to gardening? Wondering where to start? Join this intro to vegetable gardening that offers tips on site selections, amending soil, building raised beds, when to plant outdoors and post planting care practices. 4) Growing Blueberries in Containers & Trench: May 13th, Saturday Rich in anti-oxidants, blueberries is one of the most popular berries in North America. However growing blueberries in Southeast Wisconsin soil isn’t easy, as it requires acidic soil. This session will provide details on how to grow blueberries in alternative soil media, choosing best varieties for containers and trench system and when to fertilize blueberries.

  • Location: 75 Seventh St., Racine Public Library, WI
  • Time: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  • Price: Free - Registration Required
Spring Gardening Classes for Beginners