In Racine County, we have a place that serves a pizza for everyone's palate! From cracker-thin to deep dish, the locals know the best places to get the perfect slice (or square) of the pie. Buono Appetito!

Bernie's Pizzeria

Although known locally for their signature thin-crust pizza, try their lake perch fish fry on Thursdays - Sundays.
1238 Lathrop Ave, Racine
(262) 619-0900


Chubbie's Pizza

Everything on the menu is crafted for BIG appetites. Try their Chubbie Burger Challenge that is about the size of the plate itself.
619 High St, Racine
(262) 637-1488


Ferarro's Pizza

Ferraro's Pizza

Traditions passed on for over 40 years, this is the pizzeria that serves it up to old school style.
3700 Meachem Rd, Mt Pleasant
(262) 554-7334


Infusino's Pizza

A staple pizza business in West Racine, Infusino's carries on a hometown tradition while serving up that perfect crispy golden crust pizza. 
Available at these locations:
3301 Washington, Racine
(262) 633-3173
3225 Rapids Dr, Racine
(262) 633-3173


DeRango "Pizza King" & Steakhouse

Since 1953, this self-proclaimed "Pizza King" pizzeria has been treating the city of Racine like family. Try their pizza with their specialty "Virgin Crust" style. 
4621 6 Mile Rd, Racine
(262) 639-0864

3114 Washington Ave, Racine
(262) 637-4808


Derango's Pizza

Pizza maybe what they're known for but trust us, there's much more exploring on their menu that you'll need to do - treat yourself to some of their homemade custard and sundaes.
6100 Washington Ave, Racine
(262) 886-6666


DeRango's Pizza Palace

The ultimate North-Sider's pizza spot. This pizzeria is so well known, you can ship these pies anywhere nationwide. 
3840 Douglas Ave, Racine
(262) 639-4112


Mario's Italian Sports Bar

Mario's is a great place to enjoy some classic Italian recipes from the old country while relaxing and catching the big games in this Italian sports bar. 
2322 Lathrop Ave, Racine
(262) 554-0880


Mike & Angelo's

Offering their specialty thin crusts, this spot has the perfect atmosphere of a classic Italian restaurant. Great for big families and groups alike. 
6214 Washington Ave, Racine
(262) 886-1906


Nona Wells

Around since 1921 and the locals are still roaring about their pizza! Known for their homemade sauce and pasta, this location is the carry-out capital of Caledonia!
1317 4 Mile Rd, Racine
(262) 639-1800


This place is the real authentic Italian deal! Along with their pizza, try any of their hand-rolled pasta dishes, calzones or meatball bombers.
314 Main St, Racine
(262) 633-9117


Wells Brothers Pizza
Wells Brothers Pizza

Wells Brothers Pizza

Passed down through three generations, Wells Brothers has been rated one of the best pizzerias in the country, it's all in the family! 
2148 Mead St, Mt Pleasant
(262) 632-4408


Waterfront on Brown's Lake

Perfect pizza West of I-94. Whether you’re enjoying the view, a brew, or a homemade dish, visit them for a taste of true Burlington charm.
31100 Weiler Rd, Burlington
(262) 763-9989



Planted prominently in Burlington’s historic heart, Zumpano’s quietly provides the quintessential dining experience. 
180 E Chestnut St, Burlington
(262) 767-0581




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