Through the Eyes of our Visitors

The City of Burlington, the Village of Waterford, the city of Racine and Real Racine hosted Roger Brooks, a downtown & tourism specialist, to assess the downtown areas for everything it has to offer and opportunities for growth.

“Roger has worked with nearly a thousand communities, as well as many states, provinces, national parks, and countries in their community branding, tourism & downtown development, and destination marketing efforts. And beyond the public sector, Roger has worked with trade associations and businesses in the lodging, retail, and restaurant industries as well as attractions, tour operators and providers, marketing agencies, and the travel media. He is the go-to expert for anyone with ties to the travel industry or in downtown development where most travel spending takes place.”

In these videos, Brooks presents his findings after days of secret shopping and experiencing Racine, Burlington, and Waterford. View presentation PDFs here.

Burlington & Waterford

City of Racine