Retirement and Purposeful Aging: What's Next in My Life?

  • 5637 Erie Street
  • Racine, WI

As we emerge from the pandemic and as you consider your retirement years and grasp the reality of growing older, this retreat will explore the benefits and joys as well as the challenges and concerns ahead.

What have we learned from this past year of pandemic? How do we live this stage of our life well and see aging as a blessing?

The combination of retirement and growing older provides an opportunity to live life differently and more contemplatively, moving from “doing” to “being.”

Discover how we can share our Spirit-given gifts, talents, and experience in new ways that bring joy to ourselves and others and give continued meaning and purpose to our lives.

Tuesday, May 18, to Thursday, May 20, 2021
Presented and facilitated by retired educator and administrator Jim Briggs
Space is limited for this in-person retreat. Public health safety protocols in place.
The retreat begins at 6:30pm on Tuesday and concludes with the mid-day meal on Thursday.
Cost of $255 includes $55 non-refundable deposit, overnight accommodations, and meals.

  • Location: 5637 Erie Street, Siena Retreat Center, WI
  • Phone: (262) 898-2590
  • Time: 6:30 PM to 1:00 PM
  • Price: Cost of $255 includes overnight accommodations, program, and meals.
Retirement and Purposeful Aging: What's Next in My Life?