2021 Racine Special Event Grant Fund


Starving Artist Fair

The City of Racine and Real Racine established the Special Events Grant Fund to help fund events and projects that will bring in visitors from outside of the local area who are likely to stay overnight in an area hotel or motel.  The fund utilizes 10% of the total room tax collected by the City of Racine which is anticipated to be about $20,000.

Applications will be available on-line at www.realracine.com or at the Real Racine Visitor Center located at 14015 Washington Ave., Sturtevant, WI  53177.  All applications must be received by Real Racine by 4 p.m. on Tuesday, December 15, 2020.  They can be emailed to Cari@realracine.com or dropped off at the visitor center located at 14015 Washington Ave.  The review committee will meet in December and the grants will be announced in early January, 2021.  The committee consists of representatives from various City Departments, businesses and non-profit agencies.

The program accepts applications from non-profit 501c-3 or 501c6 organizations for the marketing of events and projects which will occur within the City of Racine.  They must be open to the general public, non-political in nature and be held in a venue that is ADA accessible.  Conventions and exhibitions, as a component of a convention, and business meetings are not eligible for funding. Organizations that were grant recipients in the past may apply, but preference will be given to first time applicants.  We are especially looking for events which will seek to promote Racine’s culture.  Specifically promote the lifestyle of our residents and elements that shape our way of life such as the history of the area, our art, architecture, religion(s), recreation, sports or health/fitness. 

The grant is to be used for marketing the event or project outside of the Racine metropolitan area.  This is a matching grant fund, which means that the organization must at a minimum match dollar for dollar the amount awarded.  This can be done either “in-kind” or by cash.  The “ideal” event will be a first time event, held over multiple days in the non-summer months that is likely to attract thousands of overnight visitors from outside of the area that fill hotel rooms. 

Those awarded grants will receive 70% of the total amount awarded at that time, with the remaining 30% being awarded upon submission of a post-event report.  Failure to submit your post-event summary within 90 days or submitting summaries with incomplete or missing information may affect funding of future applications.

If, for reasons beyond your control, you are not able to complete the project for which the original application was submitted, you should notify Real Racine as soon as possible.  You have two choices:

You may submit a request to the committee to replace the original project with another that is comparable in quality and scope.  The request will be reviewed by the committee and voted upon. 


If you have spent a portion of the funds, you will be required to submit copies of invoices and checks with a final report and return all unused monies to Real Racine along with a letter of explanation.

Click here to download the 2021 Special Grant Application