Racine County Hearts Program

As a way to spread hope and an uplifting message during these challenging times, Real Racine created the Racine County Hearts Program. Our hope is that Racine County businesses will partner with us to share heartfelt messages.

Here are some ways to participate:

  1. Create a heart shape at your business! Feel free to get creative and use items native to your business. Need some help with your heart? See below for inspiration ideas, or we're happy to help brainstorm!

  2. We’ve created a heart coloring page that can be decorated. Download the template. The heart template can be placed in business windows or homes to show a message of hope and solidarity, and printed for kids (and kids at heart) to color.

  3. Take photos!

  4. Spread the word. Share to your social media with #RacineStrong or on the Rally for Racine County Facebook Page

If you’re able to participate or spread the word, we’d truly appreciate it!